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About Us

What’s a Mermaid? More than just a pretty face.

Legends and mythology throughout time have described mermaids as the subject of beauty, temptation, and untamed spirit. As sailors braved ferocious seas, mermaids would find and charm the men with their enchanting siren songs and carefree, natural beauty. A mermaid was unattainable, untouchable, unconquerable because of her strength and who she is - a goddess of the ocean. Since men often desire what they cannot possess, the mermaid's appeal increases, and she has more power over men.

Outside of temptation, mermaids represent rebellion, freedom, and independence in their ocean domain. Mermaids can also be a symbol of transformation, as they were believed to be shape-shifters who descended from the time of Atlantis.

What's a Medallion? More than just a souvenir.

By definition, a medallion is a “large circular decoration or prize”. This store was named after the symbolic representation of the mermaid and her ability to captivate men to a point where they must choose to become vulnerable, and surrender their heart to the sea as a "medallion" of their love. 

From a 21st century perspective, it’s a woman’s ability to be indestructible, own her future, and wear her success with pride and honor. Women today are quite similar to our mythical mermaid friends, as we have the ability to transform, own the outcome, and set ourselves up for success. We live in a time where a woman can wear her personal/social/career success as a medallion, and not be afraid to show it off.

What is Mermaid Medallions? More than just a jewelry store.

Mermaid Medallions is one of the fastest growing online stores for mermaid jewelry and accessories in the USA. We offer high quality, unique jewelry, sourced from all over the world and are honored to have your business!

We believe whole-heartedly in the success of women. That’s why on an annual basis, we donate 10% of all net profits to Dress for Success, an international not-for-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence.

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